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Wii error 002 description

Wii Error 002: Isn't it annoying when you sit down to play a Wii game and then suddenly, out of nowhere, you get the Error 002 message. What I found out is that many people get this error while trying to play a game. After investigating the issue for weeks I found out that the reason I was getting this message was because the game was copied incorrectly. The burning software that I was using was a cracked version and it wasn't meant to handle Wii games correctly. Trying to run such a copy can lead to error 002.

Why am I getting error 002 on my Wii?

Are you running a burnt copy of a game on your Wii? What software did you use to copy the game? Was it cheap software? Was it a full version or cracked version? If you aren't sure then this is the probably cause.

The software that I recommend using to copy wii gzmes is the Wii game copy wizard! Why, you ask? It was handcrafted especially to burn Wii games.

I had a friend who was fooled into thinking that his Wii console was damaged and that he needed to fix it. They told him that his mod chip was messed up and charged him 70$! Still the problem continued! Using game copy wizard to burn his games solved the problem. I recommend using this software to burn your games since it uses the official format specified by the Wii guidelines and therefore you will no longer suffer from error 002 when playing games burnt with this software. Do the following to prevent Error 002 on your Wii console: 1. Download this software. 2. Choose your game! 3. Press Backup!

Error 002 - Prevent it!

This software not only prevents Error 002, it also:

  • CHECK 100% success at breaking protected applications
  • CHECK Backup any games you have
  • CHECK Prevents Error 001
  • CHECK Burns both DVDs & CDs

Say goodbye to error 002!

Preventing Error 002 is very easy!

Part 1 download now Click Here To Download.
Part 2 Choose Game Choose The Game.
Part 3 Burn Press Backup!

Have Fun Bye Bye Error 002!

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